Pilgrimage - 2015 Recap

How fast time goes. It's been a tough and hectic year. I could say the hardest part has been being away from my family and friends for so long, but in the end, it's been truly worth it. It could sound cheesy but this has been the most amazing and fulfilling journey of my life and I could not ask for more. I saw new places, worked with top industry artists, learned, shared countless of special moments, and most important, I made a lot of good friends along the way.

It's crazy how things would have been without them, so I feel very lucky to being surrounded by these inspiring and supportive people. I'm always grateful for everyone who helped, worked and shared their time with me.

As every year, I end my journey releasing a special piece with the best moments I've been through, so here is my way of saying thank you.

Let's see where 2016 takes me.