Insight - Lo Pues Intentar

Checking some of the pop culture and “MBMC” references on Cruz Cafuné’s “Lo Pues Intentar” video.

The initial idea for the video was making a video packed of references from his old songs like “Tokyo Drift” or “Guaguancó” and a few others from the BNMP era including “Amén” or “Mi Casa”.

We had to cut some of the scenes and shooting due to the Covid-19 outbreak but we managed to get most of them in the video. We also came up with a few pop culture references while filming that were out of the script.

The obvious one is the Forbes Magazine reference, paying homage to MBMC “Forbes” song. The title on the cover, “Del Choso al Cheso” is also a reference from a talk Cruz did in his hometown years ago. The article inside the magazine also includes the hidden verse “menos mal que no es mi casa” from the song “Mi Casa”.

Other references featured in the video are the C.D. Tenerife x U.D. Las Palmas football jersey (“Amén” video), cowrie necklace dressed by the model (“Guaguancó’s” verse “el collar de cauris que te regalé“) and the “922” sewn on the dressing gown (Moonlight 922).

Photography – Eduardo Cabrera