Insight – Como Solía

“Como Solía” tells the story of Cruz Cafuné, his time outside his homeland and how he was treated when he came back to it. Family, friends, fans.
The island was no longer as it used to be. Everything changed, all excepting him. Inspired by this event, director Dano Amerise pays tribute to other canarians which did follow the same path as Cruz.

A tribute to the work of architects Javier Díaz-Llanos and Vicente Saavedra but also a metaphor between their path, Cruz and the guys from Flywus Studios.
All of them left the island and years later, instead of developing their careers outside, they decided to come back to their roots and keep on contributing to the audiovisual culture of the land that saw them born.


Photography – Eduardo Cabrera / Made together with Flywus Studios